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This is one of corruption and mistakes, which you can find in Quran.

The Islamic name Isa means albino, in contrast, the name Jesus means God is our Savior.

*The Arabic Bible has the name یسوع for Jesus,* while in the FAKE Quran the name عیسى which means Albino is used for him. Same as یوحنا in the Arabic Bible versus یحیٰ in the FAKE Quran for John the Baptist.

Let me teach muhammadans how to translate language.

*Yeshua '= Yod + + Shin Waw +' Ain*

*Yasu '= + Ya + Sin Waw +' Ain*

*Early Hebrew (long form): Yehoshua' = Yod + He + Shin + Waw + 'Ain*

*Later Hebrew (short form): Yeshua' = Yod + Shin + Waw + 'Ain*

*Arabic (Christian): Yasu' = Ya + Sin + Waw + 'Ain*

*Arabic (Muslim): 'Isa = 'Ain + Ya + Sin + Ya* FAKE FAKE

Why is Jesus called Isa in the Quran when the Arabic equivalent of Jesus is Yasue?

That’s an interesting question.

Your assumption of the Arabic equivalent is not true. This is a Jewish name, and the Arabic rendition/transliteration of it is Iesa or Isa.

The interesting facts about Jesus in Islam are :

Jesus in the Quran is mentioned 500% more than the fake prophet Muhamed.

The Quran confirms that Jesus is the Messiah, the word of God, and a mighty prophet of God who performed mighty miracles by permission of God.

The Quran confirms that Jesus, like the prophets preceding him, was a strict monotheist who believed in and worshiped the one true God, the Heavenly Father.

The Quran confirms

Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus, where do Muslims get Isa being Jesus from?

What is the name of Jesus in Arabic: Yusha (Hebrew->Arabic) or Isa (Greek->Arabic)?

Why does the Quran use Isa instead of Yasue for the name Jesus? 

Even if we agree that it derives from Aramaic ܝܫܘܥ (Isho), again it has pharyngal consonant ayn in the end while Isa has it in the beginning.

What was the race of Jesus (Isa in Arabic)?

Where did the name Jesus come from if the scripture referred to him as Is or as Isa in the Quran?

Well simply becuse it is what Jesus was known by Arabs in the time of the prophet (pbuh).

Common logic please!

Fanatics speak about mistakes of Quran and that proves it’s fallshood.


So you think prophet Mohamed (pbuh) -even if he was a lair- would mistake the name of the prophet or God of the largest religion of his time, Jesus!

The God of the Roman empire!

May be Mohamed mistook the name, yet no one corrected him! His followers never heard the name of Jesus! His enemies never caught this mistake!

Common logic people, common logic , please!

*(Jesus) in Hebrew Yahoshua means "The Lord (YWHW) saves".*

The three root consonants of the Hebrew word "to save" are YOD-SHIN-WAW-AYIN, and HOSHIA is the HIFIL form of the verb. 

The name the Gospel gives to Jesus therefore already has within it the information that Jesus will be the Saviour. The Greek script has no way of rendering the Hebrew conconant ayin, therefore Gospel simply gives lesou(Ιησούς).

The Arabic script however includes the "ayn, so the Quran could have rendered the name of Jesus so that the "ayn is the final consonant on the Arabic form of the name. Arabic-speaking Christians referred to Jesus as Yasue (يسوع), keeping the yod as the first consonant and the ayin in the final consonant. This maintains the link with the meaningful Hebrew name.

BUT curiously the Quran instead calls Jesus Isa, (عيسى), giving the 'ayn as the first consonant and the ya as the final consonant. It thus FLIPS the verbal root so as to create a completly different word.

In fact, you don't have Jesus in Quran, but someone else. I will tell you that no one - wheter Muslim commentator or academic scholar - has satisfactory explained why the Quran should call Jesus "Isa", based on the root letters "ayn-sin-ya". Dr. James Bellamy found the word Isa to be a mistake, and suggested that the initial "ayn" be emended to a mim, rendering the word masiyya-similar to Greek Messias.

Later, Dr. Bellamy reconsidered this suggestion and wrote that "Isa" is a corruptionof the Arabic AL-MASIH, from which the definite article was dropped when the prophet rejected the regular name for Jesus, Yasue.

The name change in the Quran cuts off the name of Jesus from its meaningful connection to God's salvation.

There is no explanation than I posted above. This is one of proofs that Quran is false.

Bulletproof evidence, one of many others mistakes and corruptions.



Max Shimba Ministries

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