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Thousands Of Muslims Give Their Lives To Christ In Kogi State (Photos)

As Christian persecution increases in the northern part of Nigeria, massive conversions of Muslims to Christianity are taking place too. The pictures below was taken during an evangelical rally in Kogi State where over two thousand people from the Muslim faith surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. Continue to pray for the Church in Nigeria and as many as are yet to come to the Christian faith. Nigerian shall be saved. Recommended: “Jesus Appeared To Me & Said He Will Save Me” – Kogi Muslim Woman “So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed”(Acts 19:20 ). Muslim Imams and Traditionalists Give Their Lives To Christ In Abuja (Photos) Nigerian Muslim Lawyer Binta Encounters Jesus In An Open Vision All Muslim Family Members Accepted Jesus As Saviour As Jesus Healed Their Mother Of Cancer

Ugandan Sheikh burns daughter for becoming Christian

A YOUNG MUSLIM WOMAN NAMED REHEMA KYOMUHENDO ACCOMPANIED HER FATHER ON A BUSINESS TRIP IN UGANDA. They stayed at her paternal aunt’s house in Mbale region where she started listening to Christian programming aired on an FM radio station. Rehema then reached out to one of her father’s business friends, who is Roman Catholic.
Rehema explained to Morning Star News the following about how she converted to Christianity: “[My father’s friend] explained to me about Christ and the way of salvation, and I got convicted and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
As she was sharing Christ with me, I was so overjoyed, and my father heard my joy and woke up, came from his bedroom furiously and started beating me up with blows, slaps and kicks.” Rehema goes on to say: “my father was angry and shouted at his 45-year-old sister who was sleeping in another room, stating that he was going to kill me because I converted to Christianity.” The father eventually started burning his daughter until Rehema was sh…


In the recent past our social media walls have been awash with the alleged going back to Islam by the public confession of Said Ndundi and Wazir Rajab.
I have also exchanged with the two a lot privately and I wish to leave the details of our conversation private, but in the past day or so, I have taken time to think carefully about this matter. First and foremost, I wish to inform the religious fraternity that the Adventist Church is the number one world promoter of religious liberty.
Therefore, Said and Wazir are at liberty to make their personal religious choices. Some of us have vilified the two for going back to Islam, but I am of the view that we need to respect their choice. We also have seen a video of their own admission of their exact reasons, which is financial gain. The Church does not buy converts as Wazir falsely claimed. Conversion is God’s work and the Church is his business. Saidi Ndundi a former madrassa teacher left Islam 23 years ago and Wazir Rajab denied Muhammad …


Hili ndilo swali linalo wavuruga watu wengi, ingawa jibu lake lipo wazi na tena lipo ndani ya Biblia Takatifu. Ikiwa Adamu na Eva walikuwa na wana wawili, Kaini na Abeli, mke wa Kaini alitoka wapi?” Ingawa mara nyingi wachambuzi wa Biblia huuliza swali hilo ili tu kuwavuruga watu, Biblia ina habari za kutosha kujibu swali hilo kwa njia inayofaa. Mapema katika historia ya wanadamu, lilikuwa jambo la kawaida kuoa mtu wa karibu wa ukoo. Kwa mfano, mwanamume mwaminifu Abrahamu alimwoa binti ya baba yake aliyezaliwa na mama mwingine. (Mwanzo 20:12) Sheria ya Musa ndiyo iliyokataza kwa mara ya kwanza ndoa kama hizo. Sheria hiyo ilitungwa karne nyingi baada ya siku za Kaini. (Mambo ya Walawi 18:9, 12, 13) Inaonekana kwamba nyakati hizo watoto waliozaliwa kutokana na watu wa ukoo wa karibu hawakuwa na madhara ya kuzaliwa kama ilivyo leo. Katika Mwanzo sura ya 3 na ya 4 tunapata habari zifuatazo: (1) Eva alikuwa “mama ya kila mtu anayeishi.” (2) Muda fulani ulipita kuanzia wakati Kaini alipoz…

Christian Boy in Uganda Strangled, Threatened with Death for Refusing to Convert to Islam

While Uganda’s constitution and other laws provide for religious freedom, Christians in eastern Uganda suffer continual attacks by non-government figures and Muslim extremist groups like Al-shabab Abandoned-Orphaned
Radical Muslims in eastern Uganda left a 12-year-old Christian boy unconscious on Thursday (Oct. 25) after threatening to strangle him to death unless he converted to Islam, sources said. Emmanuel Nyaiti was on his way to pick up some plates from his grandmother’s house 200 meters from his home in Moru village, Kiryolo parish in Kaderuna Sub-County, Budaka District, when four area extremists ambushed him shortly after 9 p.m. and took him to a cassava plantation less than a mile away, his father said. The boy said he was able to identify one attacker as Ali Lukuman and another as Abdul. “Ali Lukuman tried to persuade me to become a Muslim, which I refused, and he slapped me and I started screaming,” Emmanuel told Morning Star News last week from his bed at Budaka Health Ce…

Muslim Brothers Turn to Christ After Watching Slain Mother Beaten for Converting to Christianity

Christian migrants from Eritrea and Ethiopia pary and read the bible before Sunday mass at the makeshift church in "The New Jungle" near Calais, France, August 2, 2015. Some 3,000 migrants live around the tunnel entrance in a makeshift camp known as "The Jungle", making the northern French port one of the frontlines in Europe's wider migrant crisis. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol | (Photo: REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol) The sons of a slain Ethiopian woman who was beaten mercilessly by her husband after she converted from Islam to Christianity last year have given their lives to Christ after witnessing their mother's strong faith in Jesus. According to global Christian persecution watchdog Open Doors USA, a Christian convert named Workitu, a mother in her 50s, was killed by her husband and a neighbor at the end of March in the Addis Ababa after she refused her husband's demands to sell government drought relief aid. Christians in the Muslim-dominated town told Open…

Mogadishu bishop: evangelical mission only answer to al-Shabab violence

by Simone Cantarini Bishop Giorgio Bertin talks about the Church's witness in the land where al-Qaeda's most violent terrorists are born. For the prelate, "bearing witness to the Gospel means giving oneself to God's initiative, participating with Christians in the hopes and the suffering of the whole population." Rome ( AsiaNews) - "From Somalia to Iraq, including Egypt and Syria, Christians are often persecuted and flee. Many consider them as something alien from the Muslim majority. Several extremist religious leaders try to hinder their presence and existence in these countries, which are often the only opposition to the hatred and violence imposed by the ideologies of Islamic extremists," said Mgr Giorgio Bertin, bishop of Djibouti and apostolic administrator of Mogadishu. For years, the bishop has cared for the small Catholic communities in the two countries, who live in an environment dominated by Islamic extremism, anarchy and terrorist violence…

Converted from Islam to Christianity because of love

By Christine Katende Johnson Kizito, the national deputy secretary-general of Uganda Young Democrats and Anna Marie Babirye, a businesswoman wedded earlier this year. Anna Marie, formerly Nuruh, converted from Islam and they share their story. What was it like converting from Islam to Christianity? Anna Marie: I decided to convert to Christianity because I wanted to prove to my husband not only how much I loved him but that I was ready to do anything for him and further I discovered Jesus is the true God and Mohammad was fake. The process was not that hard because my mother was formerly Catholic and she helped me approach my father. He asked me many questions but I was more than ready to be united with my man. My father wrote a consent letter to the Catholic Church which proved their acceptance of our union as parents. What were the requirements? Anna Marie:  I was taken through catechism lessons and later baptised Anna Marie. I was excited because I knew we would attend church together. …