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Ha Hallelujah Arabic Christian Song, Egypt



Bukhari (6:298) - Muhammad would take a bath with the little Aisha and fondle her.

Narrated 'Aisha:
The prophet and I used to take a bath from a single pot while we were junub. During the menses, he used to order me to put on an izar (dress worn below the waist) and used to fondle me. While in itikaf, he used to bring his head near me and I would wash it while I used to be in my periods (menses).

Bukhari :: Book 7 :: Volume 62 :: Hadith 88

Narrated 'Ursa:

The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with 'Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).

Koran 65:4
And those who no longer expect menstruation among your women - if you doubt, then their period is three months, and [also for] those who have not menstruated. And for those who are pregnant, their term is until they give birth. And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him of his matter ease.

68.4. You are su…


Mambo ya Walawi Mlango 26:1 Msifanye sanamu yo yote, wala msijisimamishie sanamu ya kuchonga, wala mnara, wala msiweke jiwe lo lote lililochorwa katika nchi yenu ili kulisujudia; kwa kuwa mimi ndimi Bwana, Mungu wenu.
Kutoka Mlango 20:4 Usijifanyie sanamu ya kuchonga, wala mfano wa kitu cho chote kilicho juu mbinguni, wala kilicho chini duniani, wala kilicho majini chini ya dunia.
5 Usivisujudie wala kuvitumikia; kwa kuwa mimi, Bwana, Mungu wako, ni Mungu mwenye wivu; nawapatiliza wana maovu ya baba zao, hata kizazi cha tatu na cha nne cha wanichukiao, 6 nami nawarehemu maelfu elfu wanipendao, na kuzishika amri zangu.

Kuabundu sanamu nikuomba kitu kilicho umbwa badala ya muumbaji. Imeandikwa, Warumi 1:22-23 "Wakijinena kuwa wenyehekima walipumbazika; wakaubadili utukufu wa Mungu asiye na uharibifu kwa mfano wa sura ya binadamu aliye na uharibifu na ya ndege na ya wanyama na ya vitambaavyo." Amri kumi zina kanusha kuwana miungu mingine. Imeandikwa, Kutoka 20:3-4 "Usewe na …


MTUME PAULO ANAKIRI MUNGU NI MMOJA JE, MTUME PAULO ALIKUWA MUISLAM MAANA ALIIKIRI MUNGU NI MMOJA? 1 Wakorintho Mlango 8: 6 lakini kwetu sisi Mungu ni mmoja tu, aliye Baba, ambaye vitu vyote vimetoka kwake, nasi tunaishi kwake; yuko na Bwana mmoja Yesu Kristo, ambaye kwake vitu vyote vimekuwapo, na sisi kwa yeye huyo. HUWA KUNA HOJA YA WAISLAM KUWA, ETI YESU ALIKUWA MUISLAM KWASABABU ALISEMA MUNGU NI MMOJA. JE, TUKITUMIA UTAALAMU NA AU MBINU HIYO HIYO NA TUWAULIZE WAISLAM. JE, MTUME PAULO ALIKUWA MUISLAM MAANA ALIKIRI MUNGU NI MMOJA? Shalom, Max Shimba mtumwa wa Yesu Kristo Mungu Mkuu. Tito 2:13


Amri kumi ni sheria kumi katika Bibilia ambazo Mungu aliwapa taifa la Israeli muda mfupi baada ya kutoka Misri. Amri kumi hasa ni ufupisho wa amri 613 ambazo ziko katika sheria ya Agano La Kale. Amri za kwanza nne zahusika na uhusiano na Mungu.
“Usiwe na Mungu mwingine ila mimi.” Amri hii inapinga kuabudu miungu mingine ila tu Mungu wa kweli. miungu mingine yote ni ya uongo.
KWENYE Surat Al Ankabut 46. Wala msijadiliane na Watu wa Kitabu ila kwa njia iliyo nzuri kabisa, isipo kuwa wale walio dhulumu miongoni mwao. Na semeni: Tumeyaamini yaliyo teremshwa kwetu na yaliyo teremshwa kwenu. Na Mungu wetu na Mungu wenu ni Mmoja. Na sisi ni wenye kusilimu kwake.
Kwenye hiyo aya hapo juu, Muhammad anadai kuwa Mungu wa Wakristo, Wayahudi na Waislam ni mmoja.
Je, Yehova Mungu wa Wakristo ndio Allah wa Quran?
Lipo wapi Jina la Yehova ambalo ni Yahuh kwa Kiarabu kwenye Quran ili tukubaliane nae?
Mungu mwenyewe alisema: “Watajua kwamba jina langu ni Yehova.” (Yer…


In Shaanxi Province, Chinese police have discovered 22 tons of pork that was sold as certified halal (Islam-approved) beef. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork. This case, once again, demonstrates the lack of seriousness of the halal industry in Asia. Hee Hee!The authorities already reported that 2 tons of the pork products were sold on the market marked as halal unbeknownst to the Muslim population. Camouflage methods used by criminals are known by specialists: paraffin wax and industrial salts.The conclusion remains the same from Paris to Beijing: the halal market does not reassure consumers. (And you can be sure, nobody in China cares.)

In communist Vietnam, over 4,500 accept Jesus as savior. Country leaders welcomed Franklin Graham and put no restrictions on what he preached

In communist Vietnam, over 4,500 accept Jesus as savior. Country leaders welcomed Franklin Graham and put no restrictions on what he preached.
Franklin Graham gave the gospel to thousands of people in Hanoi, the capital of Viet Nam recently. “God did a mighty work in a city that, not so long ago, might have seemed an unlikely place,” he said. 
“We were warmly welcomed by high government officials, including the nation’s deputy prime minister as well as the mayor of Hanoi, and there were no restrictions placed on what I preached” he explained. Franklin Graham said on one of the nights, two young Vietnamese men who are believers brought a friend named Tuân to hear the Gospel. When Tuân heard how sin separates us from God, both now and for eternity, he knew that he wanted his life to be different and that he wanted to be with God eternally. 
During the invitation he told a prayer counselor, “That’s the reason I want to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, to be forgiven of my sins.” Tuân o…

Open declaration for Jesus in Kanyakumari, India

Open declaration for Jesus in Kanyakumari, India. Those who got baptized show their faith in the savior.
Jesus is Lord and savior. There is no other way to reach heaven, except by accepting his free gift of salvation. God loves everyone in the world. We are all his creation. Santhosh Kumar goes about telling everyone about this good news. 
Tirelessly working for the Lord, he braves all situations just to be able to get the gospel known to everyone. He goes to different places in the country – with language being no barrier to share the love of Jesus with those who do not know the Lord. 
On January 7, some of those who believed in the Lord and chose to follow him took baptism in Thoothoor of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, India. Santhosh Kumar who hails from Kovalam in Kerala travels to different states in India, preaching about Jesus obeying his command that everyone should be told the gospel. His labour is bearing fruit as many are turning to Jesus and expressing faith in the Lord

430 people baptized in Bengaluru

430 people baptized in Bengaluru. It was a glorious day: Rev Paul Thangiah.
The gospel of Jesus – the free gift of salvation through the Lord – is being spread in India and many people are turning to the Lord. 
In Bengaluru, 430 people who accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior were baptized at the Full Gospel Assemblies of God Church. Rev Paul Thangiah prayed and baptized those who came forward to declare their faith in the One God. “We baptized 430 people today. T
hank you all for praying. It was a glorious day,” Rev Paul Thangiah said. The occasion was also the 188th Day of Revival Prayer & Miracle Baptism Service.

Pop singer Selena Gomez declares: “I am a child of God, saved by grace.”

Pop singer Selena Gomez declares: “I am a child of God, saved by grace.” The 23-year-old committed her life to Jesus on her birthday.
Pop singer and actress Selena Gomez recently opened up about her Christian faith and boldly proclaimed “I’m a child of God.” Gomez shared her testimony at a recent Hillsong Church conference. 
Gomez can often be spotted attending Hillsong Church services, the same church love interest Justin Bieber also frequently attends. 
According to, the 25-year-old Gomez said that she thought fame would provide her with what she needed, but that turned out to be a false hope. "You will feel like the loud screams from thousands of people while you are onstage will be the thing that saves you, but it isn't,” she said as reported in ChristianHeadlines. 
“I was depressed, anxious. I started to have panic attacks right before getting on-stage, or right after leaving the stage,” she continued. Gomez went on to say that it was on her 23rd birthday tha…

Christian Qawali at ‘Dosti Mehfil’, a unique friendship day meet in Hyderabad

You’ve heard the song “What a friend we have in Jesus” and truly there is no friend like the Lord who died for the sins of mankind so that everyone can go to heaven by accepting him as Lord and savior. Baptist Youth Fellowship, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad had a unique get-together on Friendship day on August 5, 2018. GET Ministries hosted ‘Dosti-Mehfil’, a unique friendship day.  
Sam Rufus Nallaraj shared the word of God. Christian Qawali songs were sung by GET ministries. “We had a blessed time,” Naveen Kumar of the church said. The programme is unique for a Christian gathering as the setting and the seating were arranged just right for a Qawali programme. 
A large number of youth attended the programme and were blessed listening to the word of God and spending time in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Young people keen on learning from the Bible in Pakistan

There is hunger for the word of God in Pakistan. The Lord’s chosen vessels are taking time to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ and open up for scriptures who want to learn from the Bible. 
Bishop Nasir Samuel of Lahore is one who particularly takes time to explain from the Bible to those who attend the Bible study class. 
A couple of days ago, the students were taught from the book of Genesis and also about the Tabernacle in Exodus.  While preaching regularly in the church services, Bishop Nasir Samuel feels it is important to make the scriptures more plain to those who take time to attend the Bible study class. 
For those attending the class, it is a time of blessing. During the gathering, they worship the Lord Jesus Christ, praise his Name, read from the scriptures and understand it.

“I thank God for my talent,” says singer Jennifer Lopez.

Before Jennifer Lopez's final performance of her Las Vegas "All I Have" show on Saturday, the singer broke down in tears, thanking God for the talent He's given her.  Alex Rodriquez, Lopez's boyfriend, posted a video on Instagram showing clips of Lopez's pre-performance workout, the cheers she received backstage from performers and crew, and part of her final pre-show prayer. "... I wanna be that all the time every day in everything that I do. 
I thank you tonight God. It takes me to my limits at times but I thank you for that gift. Thank you Jesus, thank you God," Lopez prayed before breaking down in tears. "They yelling for us out there." In 2010, she told Elle magazine that before she became pregnant with twins she had decided to forgo in vitro fertilization treatments and instead put her faith in God. "
I ... believe in God and I have a lot of faith in that," she said. Last week, Lopez also shared a message she received from…

Asia Bibi who was on death-row in Pakistan has been acquitted by the Supreme Court

The Lord has answered our prayers. Asia Bibi who was on death-row in Pakistan has been acquitted by the Supreme Court.
Pakistan's highest court on Wednesday ordered the release of a poor, illiterate Christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy, setting off a wave of demonstrations by hard-line Islamists nationwide but drawing praise from human rights activists. 
The Supreme Court overturned the conviction against Asia Bibi, accused in 2009 of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a case that sparked violent protests in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation of 200 million people. Two Pakistani government officials were murdered in 2011 in crimes linked to their support of Bibi. “It's ironic that in the Arabic language the appellant’s name Asia means ‘sinful,’ the judges wrote. 
"But in the circumstances of the present case she appears to be a person, in the words of Shakespeare’s King Lear, ‘more sinned against than sinning’.” Chief Justice Saqib noted that tolera…