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Trinidad Supermarket Advertises Pork For Muslims
This selfie has been making the rounds on social media. It advertises “halal pork” for sale. For Muslims, halal is permissible or lawful to eat.
Pork is explicitly forbidden or unlawful to eat (haram) in Muslim religious law. “Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine..”(Qur’an, 5:3). That which is forbidden by God’s Guidance in the Quran cannot be be made permissible for Muslims by any human being.
Dr Waffie Mohammed, founder and Principal of Markaz Al Ihsaan of Trinidad & Tobago, said “it is wrong and it’s unfortunate that sometimes non-Muslims do this with the intention to attract Muslim sale.” Dr. Mohammed advised the Muslim Community that their reaction should not be one of anger or emotion. He counseled that the offending party should be educated and informed to ensure that it is not repeated in the future. Dr. Waffie said the supermarket should be educated that “for Muslims that the eating of p…

Did Muhammad Die while Making Love to Aisha?

Proof that he died during an explosive moment: Ibn Hisham page 682: ….that he heard Aisha say: “The apostle died on my bosom during my turn: [of having sex with]. It was due to my ignorance and extreme youth that the apostle died in my arms Narrated ‘Aisha:He died on the day of my usual turn ( of having sex) at my house. Allah took him unto him while his head was between my chest and my neck and his saliva was mixed with my SALIVA. Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144: Aisha is blaming her youth and ignorance for causing Prophet’s death . Aisha’s eager cooperation excited Prophet immensely which lead to a wild session of foreplay and tongue action followed by intensive sex . Due to her inexperience she could not see the danger of an old man performing sex with a young woman during his serious illness. Timely slowing down or stopping him could have saved his life. Prophet had an expolsive climax which his old and sick heart could not handle and went in a cardiac arrest. She sa…

Local Muslims Stone Three Christians to Death During Protest

(International Christian Concern) – On September 22, 2018, a family in western Kenya laid one of their kin to rest after he and two other men were attacked by a Muslim mob and stoned to death. Fredrick Mukanda Bahati was a mason in Elwak, Mandera, a town close to the Kenya-Somalia border. He worked in Elwak for six months before his death. The Muslim residents of Elwak were engaging the police after three suspected al-Shabaab militants were found killed outside of town. In retaliation, the irate protesters turned their anger toward three non-local Christians at the construction site. A witness, who requested to remain anonymous, told International Christian Concern (ICC), “Fredrick was on top of a new house he was contracted to build. His two assistants were on the ground mixing mortar when the mob arrived in [a] hurry, chanting takbir, takbir, takbir. From a distance, I saw the men hurling construction stones towards Fredrick and his coworkers.” He continued, “The three managed to f…

Come to Pray, Stop to Shop': Saudis Open More Malls in Mecca

[DUBAI] Mecca: Come to fulfill your religious duty. Stay for the shopping. Saudi Arabia, and its developers and retailers, are set to cash in on a spending bonanza fueled by the unique position of having a city that every able-bodied Muslim in the world must visit once in their lifetime. Helped by state investment, Mecca is set to see shopping-mall space almost triple by 2025, according to Colliers International. As part of a government plan to wean the economy off oil, the state aims to boost the number of foreign pilgrims to 30 million per year by 2030 from 7 million last year, realizing the potential of a sector that currently makes up 20 per cent of the kingdom's non-oil economy, according to Oxford Business Group. The holy city is currently under-served by malls due to a shortage of plots and high costs, with many shoppers opting to head to nearby Jeddah, Colliers said in a report last week. But that's expected to change and mall space is set to grow to 804,000 square me…

Mosque Loudspeakers Catch Fire: 3 Dead…70 suffer burns

Ashura, the 10th day of Mohurram marking the martyrdom of the Prophet’s grandson Imam Hussain, turned out to be tragic as at least three persons died and around 70 mourners were burnt in different incidents across Uttar Pradesh. Three mourners died in Ballia, one was critically injured in Gorakhpur and many more were burnt in Moradabad and Amroha. In Moradabad, 50 mourners from Jayantipur village suffered burns when the loudspeaker mounted on top of the 16-ft tall taziyas hit electricity wires and caught fire. Thirty-six of them are battling for their lives in the district hospital.  All the incidents followed the same pattern – tall taziyas (replica of the mausoleum of the Imam Hussain), which is symbolically buried in local Karbalas across cities, touching hanging high-tension wires and causing death and burn injuries by electrocution. In Gorakhpur, mourners turned violent and beat up two policemen and tried to set ablaze the Bhathat police post when the taziya touched a high-tension wi…

Quran School Principal Sodomizes Nine Students…

The principal of a tahfiz centre in Kepong was detained by the police for allegedly sodomising nine students from the school. Kuala Lumpur deputy police chief Zainuddin Yaacop said the 30-year-old suspect was nabbed a day after the police received a report from a teacher at the centre on Sept 13. He said the report alleged that the victims were aged between 11 and 16. "The tahfiz students informed the complainant about the acts by the 30-year-old suspect who is the principal of the tahfiz centre. "The suspect is believed to have molested and sodomised all the victims and the case is being investigated under Section 14 of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017," he said in a statement. Zainuddin urged members of the public with any information on the case to report to the police. "Public cooperation is vital in ensuring the well-being and security of the people and the country," he said. Meanwhile, according to police sources, all nine students were tak…

Scholar: Quran Says Sky Set to 'Crack and Fall Apart' Around 2280

In a recent issue of the Apocalypse against the background of environmental degradation, climate change and the threat of a Third world war acquired unprecedented relevance. All kinds of analysts trying to predict when will happen the end of the world to understand how to act in time to save what can still be saved from global catastrophe. However, religious theorists say that the answer to this question has long been laid down in the Scriptures by our ancestors. In particular, the famous numerologist on condition of anonymity, fear of being anathematized, said that he was able to reveal the hidden meaning of the Quran. In it, according to experts, speaks of the Apocalypse in the year 2280. Among other things, the Scripture predicts the world that “the sky will crack and collapse, mountains will be erased from the face of the earth” and “the Sun will collide with the Moon.” Studying the Muslim Holy Scriptures, he put geometricheskoe the value of the 14 Quranic initials. It turned out…

Muslim Leader Threatens “I Swear All The Muslim Will Leave U.S If Trump Ban Sharia Law”. Do You Support This??

A prominent Muslim Leader has declared this today “I Swear All The Muslim Will Leave U.S If Trump Ban Sharia Law”.
Did Trump really banned Sharia Law in the United States? Actually, In contrast to what most websites publish Trump confirmed that the ban would not apply to Muslim citizens of the U.S. seeking to re-enter the country after traveling abroad. The only thing is that President Trump’s executive order, issued on 28 January 2017, barred entry into the U.S. of nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen for 90 days. On 3 February 2017,  U.S. District Judge James Robart suspended the ban on a nationwide basis. A day later, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Trump administration’s request to stay Robart’s ruling.


For a free PDF tract of this page please click on this link, or find it along with instructions on our dedicated tract page at this link.
Ramadan or ramazan is the month throughout which Muslims "fast" during daylight hours. The term "fast" is in quotation marks because many Muslims spend more money on foodduring the month during which they "fast" than any other month of the year, because they feast on more sumptuous fare in greater quantities than normal, before sunrise and after sunset.
From Arab News: "Religious scholars, through their sermons, have advised Muslims in the Kingdom not to waste food during the holy month of Ramadan, when food is prepared in large quantities and the leftovers go waste. Abdulrahman Bakri, an Islamic scholar said: “During Ramadan, there is always a major increase in food wastage not only in the Kingdom but also other countries across the Gulf. At iftar parties or banquets during Ramadan, the leftover food usually goes was…


To our Muslim friends, and could-become brethren, we encourage you to ask your Imams the following numbered questions. If you are shy about asking him directly, we prepared a PDF that you can access at this link (print both sides and Z-fold in two directions), and leave where he may discover it, and perhaps be moved to address the points through his own initiative:
1. Ask your imam to present you with some historical or archaeological evidence that suggests that Mecca existed before the 4th century AD (Besides trotting out the usual anecdotal misunderstanding of 18th century Edward Gibbon of Ptolemy, and early 20th century A. J. Wensinck). Bearing in mind that Arabia has one of the best preserved archaeological records on earth, because the low rainfall reduced degradation of the archaeological evidence. There are many ancient towns to which the historical and archaeological records of Arabia attest, that also attest to each other, and even to small Arabian towns that came and went ove…