Thursday, June 21, 2018

Namusisi Birye, from Uganda, was beaten by her father and mother for choosing Christ and leaving her Muslim

Namusisi Birye committed her life to Christ at an evangelistic outreach, leaving the Muslim religion of her family. When she returned from the event, she told her father about her decision. He immediately began beating her, with her mother’s support. Namusisi’s screams attracted a crowd of neighbors, and the believers among them rescued Namusisi. 

“[My parents] chased me away from home, saying that I am supposed to die,” Namusisi told a VOM worker. She received injuries to her back and ribs and remains in a lot of pain. Although she is being cared for by Christians, she is still being watched; her village is 95 percent Muslim.

 Pray for Namusisi’s healing and that those supporting her will determine a good plan for her long-term care.

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