Tuesday, August 1, 2017

FRANCE: Jihadi rehab center closed due to lack of interest by jihadis

France is shutting down its only rehab facility (right) for returning Muslim jihadists and jihadist wannabes after failing to attract any Muslim jihadists. The French government launched its first de-radicalization center last October for Muslim extremists/terrorists who were “looking for a way out” but the facility has been empty since February.

Daily Caller The “Centre for Prevention, Reintegration, and Citizenship” was designed by the French government to aid in the deradicalisation of young Muslims who have been flagged as showing sympathies for the extremist Salafist ideology or terror groups like Islamic State.

“The experiment has not been conclusive,” the government said in a statement, according to The Local.

Eleven more centers were planned as part of a 40 million euro ($47 million) program. The project would have had the capacity to host hundreds of people, but just nine signed up. All of them dropped out of the one-year course.

Despite the abject failure, the government has not given up on the project entirely. “In particular, the government will study the possibility of opening smaller-sized structures to host individuals in criminal custody and to develop alternative solutions to incarceration,” the government said.

Local residents and politicians complained over the fact that potentially dangerous individuals had the ability to wander around in their community since the program was voluntary.

More than 230 civilians have been killed in terror attacks in France since the start of 2015. The country has been in a state of emergency for almost two years.

CLOSED! France’s first deradicalization center for Muslim jihadis and jijadi wannabes:

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