Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Christafari 2017 Summer Update: Maasai Mission

Dear Musicianary Partner,
    We’ve seen the Lord do incredible things over the last two months as we’ve traversed Africa and Europe proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ! One of the greatest highlights has to be ministering to the Maasai tribe in the remote foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the border of Tanzania. 
    Due to a last-minute lodging cancellation, we had to sleep outside in small tents –– but we were told that we’d be kept safe from lions (and other nocturnal predators) by the Maasai Warriors. After making the very long drive that included all kinds of wildlife (like zebras crossing the rocky road in front of us), our bus finally made it to one of the most remote places I’ve ever been! 
    Our eyes were full of tears as we were greeted by the tribeswomen, singing and dancing as they welcomed us. We used generators for power but it was a daunting task to bring an entire sound-system and massive stage setup to the middle of nowhere. 
    It also became clear that an outreach concert alone would not be enough to attract these cattle-herding nomads. Since the Maasai are notorious for being some of the highest jumpers in the world, we spread the word across the African savannah that we were holding a jumping contest and would be giving away a goat, calf, and cow to the 3 highest jumpers. The word spread like wildfire! 
    Thanks to your support, we also set out to feed the whole tribe, having no idea that this would entail buying a cow and watching them slaughter and butcher it. It was quite an experience watching some of the warriors eat the meat raw and even drink the warm blood! We were truly at the ends of the earth! 
    The first day was incredible and we drew a large crowd for the outreach concert, but by the time the gospel message was preached, all the men in the tribe had left to tend their cattle. However, we did see all the women and children surrender their lives to Christ! The next day we were determined to present the Gospel to the men as well and so we held off the jumping contest until right after the Gospel message. We were overwhelmed by the response! Every man raised his hand and prayed the Sinner’s Prayer!

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 Ziza fell in love with the tribe.
Maasai praying the Sinner’s Prayer
Wrapped in our blankets and ready to camp outside with the Maasai. Praying we don’t get eaten by the lions!
No road? No problem! We loaded up the bus and drove for hours after the pavement ended to reach this remote tribe.
Our hearts were filled with joy as we were greeted by the singing and dancing tribeswomen. 
Thanks to your support we were able to feed the entire tribe and bless them with 3 cows and 1 goat. Watching them slaughter and eat one of the cows was a sight that we will truly never forget.
The Maasai are arguably the highest jumpers in the world. To bring these nomads together, we set up a massive stage and held a jumping contest after our outreach concerts and Gospel presentation.
The winner of our jumping contest went home with a cow. But the real winners were all the tribesmen and women that gave their lives to Christ during our outreaches.
We clothed all the Maasai girls with new dresses thanks to seamstresses from our church.
I want to help make more trips like this possible!
Woman with beaded headdress watching from side stage in Maasai Land.
Our newest team member Nikita (from Holland) clothing a child in Kibera.
We were able to feed and pay for the schooling of a family of 8 for a month in the poorest slum.
Kibera walk-through - An awakening to poverty and a lesson in compassion.
Souls saved in the largest slum in Africa. These trips are truly making a difference!
After we sang and danced, we gave the Gospel to the precious orphans at Happy Life.
We gave all the orphans school supplies, biscuits, candy & juice. Their smiles were unforgettable!
When we didn’t have stage lights in Eldoret, we got creative and used car headlights to illuminate the stage!
Sharing the Gospel in the deadliest slum in Nairobi is not easy. We had plenty of security!
Proclaiming the Gospel to the entire nation on NTV's the Trend, the most popular show in Kenya! 
Ministering to the kids in the trash city of Dandora. Seeing their hands raised makes it all worth it!
We saw 6,490 decisions for Christ during our Kenya trip. All these things and so much more are possible because of your prayers and financial support!   

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Asante Sana (thank you very much) for your continued support of the ministry of Christafari.
Blessings in Christ!
Mark, Avion, and Christafari
I want to partner with Christafari and global evangelism

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