Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NEW MEXICO priest under fire for telling children the truth about Islam

A priest in Belen, Father Jonas Romea  made some comments about Muslims during a children’s mass that most priests wouldn’t have the guts to make. He is standing by his comments, even after some leftist parents complained.

KRQE “He told them, you know, you need to be very proud with your Christian faith and don’t listen to the liberals because the Muslims will chop your heads off.” 

Some parents waited until mass was over to speak with Father Jonas Romea and she said he didn’t take it well. “He was really upset that we even went up to him, that we questioned him,” she said. “I said not all Muslims are bad, they’re not all trying to kill us, and he told me, if given a chance, every single Muslim would kill me.”

Members of the church have even taken to Twitter. Former Sen. Michael Sanchez said it’s not right, and that he stands with Muslims. Another man said his family stood up to the priest when it happened, and a mother said she felt betrayed in another Tweet.

The church says Father Jonas is still delivering children’s mass.

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