Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Imam Stood Up from Washing Table Before Burial and Witnessing Jesus

Munaf Ali (name is not real), 45 years old, was an Imam of a Mosque as well as a scholar and preacher of Islam in a Middle East Kingdom.
One day Pastor Paul and the gospel team of Bibles for Mideast  (http://bibles4mideast.com) met Munaf and had a discussion about Jesus Christ and the Bible. He denied the divinity of  Jesus Christ and the credibility of the Bible.
Pastor gave him a sample gospel but he refused to receive. And also he cursed Pastor and his team.
At the same night a mob of fanatics under Munaf came to attack the gospel team shouting with “Allahu Akbar”. But the gospel team moved their shelter by God’s guidance and escaped from there before the attackers arrived.
After few days, one Friday afternoon, Munaf was going back home after the Juma Namaz. On the way he felt giddiness, became unconscious and falling on the ground. He knew he was dying. At that time, he saw demons coming to him to take his soul. Munaf said to them, “get lost, you cursed demons of Allah. You have no right to take my soul”.

However, the demons responded, "No. It's our right to take your life. And you will be with us" before forcefully taking his soul and turning to leave.
Suddenly, Christ Jesus appeared before him along with a huge number of angels, causing the demons to flee in terror.
"Listen my son," Jesus told Munaf. "First Adam disobeyed God and sinned against Him under the pressure of Satan. The gates of heaven were shut down because of his sin. I am the second Adam, the Word of God and Messiah Jesus, Son of the Most High. I was born of virgin Mary as a sinless Son of Man to redeem first Adam and all of his kinship including yourself from sin and death.  And I was crucified and died as a ransom for all for your sins to make you the children of God and citizens of heaven".
Jesus said again, "I was risen from the dead and opened the gates of heaven to bring you back to the eternal glory. Have faith in me and be my witness. I give your life back, for I am the authority of giving life."
When Munaf Ali  opened the eyes, he understood some of his close relatives along with his sons trying to lay down his body on a table for washing and shrouding before the burial. A huge crowed was also present.
All the people were astonished when he stood up from the washing table.
Munaf said to them that he was dead, demons were tried to take his soul but Messiah Jesus came and gave his life back. And he was trying to describe his experience to the people.
But people said that he lost his normal sense when his head hit on a stone while he was falling on the way. So he speaks meaningless words. Some others said the evil spirit might have possessed him.
Anyhow further days also Munaf was telling about Jesus to his family and children and to those whoever visited him. People  asked his children to consult a psychiatrist.  Hence he was dismissed from the mosque.
His family and children believed what he said about Jesus. They all accepted Jesus as their personal savior and Lord. Then the community began to persecute them. So they left their house and native country.
Please pray for Munaf Ali and his family for our Lord's protection and keeping their livelihood.

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