Tuesday, March 21, 2017

GERMANY: Teenage Moroccan MUSLIM savage rapes and chokes 90-year-old woman in an alley as she left church

The elderly pensioner was walking home from church through the famous Altstadt district in Dusseldorf when she was confronted by the the 19-year-old Muslim thug screaming “money, money!” He is also said to have shouted “Keep silent, or death,” according to German media reports.

The Sun  When he discovered she had no cash, the young man dragged her into a alleyway between two buildings where he raped her while choking her. The Muslim defendant – known only as Souhayl M – then rifled through her handbag, stole her house key and wrote down her address. The elderly victim had to be hospitalized after the attack. 

The Muslim rapist covers his face in court:

Her attacker, a Muslim of Moroccan origin, was charged two weeks later after his DNA matched with that taken from the scene of another robbery he’d been arrested for last May.

Dusseldorf police were also able to construct a likeness of the suspect after a police officer recognised the man at a train station. He now faces up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced later this month.

After glancing through his criminal record, however, the judge pointed to a case of suspected sexual assault back in Spain, which Souhayl denied. Born in Morocco, Souhayl was reported to have had a history of being involved in petty crime.

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