Tuesday, March 21, 2017

CHINA: NO beards, NO burqas, NO Ramadan, NO kids in mosques…

When it comes to fighting Islamic terrorism from the Uighur Muslim population in China, the crackdown on Muslims is harsh and unrelenting.

China says Islamic separatists in Xinjiang are the greatest threat to national security. The far western region is home to a community of some 10 million Muslim Uighurs. Beijing is concerned that young Uighurs are vulnerable to radicalization. 

MWN Following the recent release of a video purportedly showing Chinese nationals training in Iraq for a major strike inside China, official government rhetoric regarding Islam is becoming increasingly hard-line. 

Recent comments by Li Jianguo, Ningxia Communist Party secretary, echoed the rhetoric of US President, Donald Trump; “What the Islamic State and extremists push is jihad, terror, violence.” “This is why we see Trump targeting Muslims in a travel ban.

It doesn’t matter whether anti-Muslim policy is in the interests of the U.S. or it promotes stability, it’s about preventing religious extremism from seeping into all of American culture.”

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