Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ITALY: 15-year-old schoolgirl raped in broad daylight on commuter team by Muslim invaders

A 15-year-old schoolgirl was allegedly groped and raped by two Muslim migrants on the commuter train from Milan to Mortara Thursday afternoon.

Breitbart  On Saturday morning, the girl was hospitalized with multiple bruises, a concussion and a broken rib, and police have launched a search for the assailants accused of aggravated assault and sexual assault.

According to police reports, after school—around 4:00pm—the girl went to the Milan station of Porta Genova to catch the local commuter train home, sitting with a friend in the last carriage. When the friend got off the train at an earlier stop, the girl was left alone. It was then that two young men wearing jeans and hoodies, whom the girl described as North Africans in their mid-twenties, accosted her with kicks, punches, and “insistent fondling of the crotch.”

The girl screamed and cried for help, but no one came, probably because the train was virtually empty at that hour. The men ended by raping the girl, who eventually managed to break free at the next stop and made it to her home. She kept the incident to herself and said nothing of the attack that day to her mother.

Friday morning at school, however, the girl experienced dizziness, nausea and pain and after confiding what had happened to a couple classmates, was taken to a local clinic around noon. After examining her wounds, doctors alerted the police to the sexual violence.

Though a widescale manhunt has been mobilized, the two assailants are still at large (and probably will remain so).

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