Friday, January 6, 2017

MUST-SEE TV: ‘The Real Housewives of the Islamic State (ISIS)’

If only Muslims had a sense of gallows humor.

h/t Diane C

RIGHT ON SCHEDULE…Leftist and Muslim heads are exploding over this BBC comedy sketch depicting brides of ISIS terrorists in a reality show-style spoof.

The Telegraph (h/t Charlotte) Revolting’s Real Housewives of Isis skit, based on the popular US television model recently exported to Britain, features actors dressed as brides of Isil fighters taking selfies and showing off suicide belts.

“The humor is only funny if you look down on someone else and enjoy seeing them unhappy because they are not white and Christian,” wrote one critic on Facebook. Another Facebook user scolded: “I’m mortified that the BBC had produced such a programme. This is simply bad taste. The fact it is a comedy makes it even more worrying that humour should be associated with the actions of ISIS.”

Still another wrote: “You are utterly abhorrent BBC. You are going to joke about mass rape too or the use of children as suicide bombers or make light of your role in promoting extremism to deceived and abused women. Sick, you are truly sick in the head and morally bankrupt.”

You be the judge. Is the video “sick and morally bankrupt” or a hilarious example of gallows humor that you are going to want to share on Facebook and tweet to your friends as soon as you’re done laughing?

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