Sunday, December 25, 2016

UNCENSORED! Islamic State jihadists burn two Turkish soldiers alive (WARNING: Graphic footage)

ISLAMIC STATE DEVOUT MUSLIM SAVAGES  have filmed themselves burning two Turkish soldiers alive having captured them in Aleppo.

UK Daily Mail  A disturbing video shows two men with freshly-shaved heads dressed in seemingly fuel-doused camouflage army gear taken out of a cage and walked like dogs to their death by Islamic State thugs.

Standing barefoot in the middle of a desert, they are connected by the neck to a torched fuse which eventually engulfs their bodies in flames. 

As news of the video reached Turkey, the government shut down social media outlets to stop the victims’ countrymen seeing the exectuion.  

The video released by ISIS in the Aleppo Province starts with two men being taken from a cage in the middle of the desert.  They are walked like dogs by two ISIS militants, who appear unmasked and wearing black clothing, brown suicide belts and carrying assault rifles. A third terrorist stands guard. 

The two men are made to stand a few feet from each other with their backs to a long fuse attached to their necks with a chain, which is ignited by one of the ISIS militants with the push of a button. 

Flames make their way up the chain, which is intertwined with flammable material, and eventually the two men are set on fire.

The video shows the Turkish soldiers writhing on the floor in pain attempting to extinguish themselves, but it appears their clothes have been doused in fuel. 

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