Saturday, December 17, 2016

OH, NOES! Bacon Bandit strikes again…this time inside a Sydney hospital

cat1-viMuslim women were shocked, just shocked, to find raw bacon strips scattered all over prayer rugs in an Islamic prayer room at the Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital. Pictures of the bacon-splattered prayer rugs posted on Facebook elicited comments that ranged from being offended at the ‘hate’ attack to being upset at the waste of perfectly good bacon.

UK Daily Mail  Muslim women going inside a public Islamic prayer room at the Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital, in southwest Sydney, were shocked to find pieces of bacon on prayer mats.bacon-on-prayer-mats-art

Hanan Dover, a Muslim clinical and forensic psychologist, posted the picture on her Facebook with the caption:  ‘Horrible. Some anonymous bigot thought it would be appropriate to offend Muslims by placing bacon rashers on Muslim prayer mats inside the public prayer room at Bankstown Hospital.’

One woman wrote: ‘Muslims aren’t like vampires… bacon doesn’t make us burn and hiss…(Yes, it does, why else would you make sure the story gets covered by the media instead of just cleaning it up?)

In a short video from the hospital prayer room, a woman in the background can be heard saying: ‘what a horrible thing to do.’ While another woman said: ‘we don’t even feel safe to pray here.’1fp7ox

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