Wednesday, December 14, 2016

CANADA: Gutsy ex-Muslim woman protests “offensive” poster put up by an Islamic organization

Sandra Solomon, ex-Muslim of Palestinian descent, stood in front of the poster holding a sign with the following message: “This poster offends me as a Canadian.” She went to the TTC Dundas Station in Toronto to protest against the display of a poster stating that “There is no god but Allah” that is offensive to all other faiths.

CIJ News  Speaking to CIJnews, Sandra said that as a Christian she does not believe that Allah is god, but a reminder of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse she experienced during the time she lived as a Muslim in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

I am survivor of Islam,” she said. “This poster offends me, my faith and my Canadian values. I remember seeing posters with a similar message in public places in Saudi Arabia, while its religious police strictly banned any expression of other faiths, let alone building temples. I came to Canada to live in a democracy which cherishes the separation between state and religion, and not in Canadia Arabia.”

Sandra sent an official complaint to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) asking to remove the “offensive” poster. We all celebrate multiculturalism and diversity in Canada, but at the same we also have to send a clear massage that misusing diversity to offend other faiths or to impose one’s religious beliefs on others is unacceptable,” she said. Sandra was recently contacted by TTC official who told her that her complaint is being reviewed. 

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