Monday, December 19, 2016

BERLIN TRUCK JIHAD: 12 Dead, 50 wounded, truck appears to have been hijacked, suspect in custody reported to be a Pakistani (or Afghan) Muslim refugee

It is feared that the registered driver of the Polish truck which was likely hijacked by the Muslim jihadist might be the Polish national found dead in the passenger seat of the truck.

UK Daily Mail  The driver, who according to German newspaper Die Welt, was a refugee of Afghan or Pakistani heritage who had arrived in Germany in February, ripped off a mask as he was arrested. He is now being held in a police station under armed guard and officers remain at the scene

THE ISLAMIC STATE has allegedly claimed responsibility for the horrific Christmas market truck crash in Berlin.

Family members of the registered driver of the cargo truck that killed 12 when it careered into crowds at a Christmas market in Berlin fear he was kidnapped by the perpetrator and killed in the bloodbath. Police confirmed today that the truck was stolen from a construction site before the Nice-style massacre and a man found dead in the Polish-registered truck was from Poland.

Ariel Zielinski, the driver’s cousin and owner of the haulage firm he was working for, said he last spoke to him at midday but his wife was unable to reach him at 4pm – hours before the tragedy. Mr Zielinski, whose company is based in Gryfino in northwest Poland, told local news channel TVN24 today: ‘We haven’t heard from him since this afternoon. We don’t know what happened to him.’

Police have now confirmed that the person found dead in the cab at the scene was a Polish national but have not formally identified him.

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