Tuesday, December 13, 2016

AUSTRALIA: Centrelink under fire over welfare payments going to multiple wives in polygamous Muslim relationships

centrelink-1-300x169Centrelink is accused of paying multiple spousal welfare benefits to illegal polygamous Muslim families to save on the costs of dishing out even more money to single Muslim freeloaders who apply individually.


AU NEWS  (Adrian G) Polygamous marriages, largely confined to Islamic families, are allowed to claim multiple family tax benefit payments for children living under the same roof, The Sunday Telegraph reported. The welfare company has confirmed the agency does ‘not hold data based on polygamous relationships or religion’.


Former chief of staff Peta Credlin has revealed how Tony Abbott had fought to ensure such households were not rewarded before he lost his prime ministership. ‘The answer I got back was to fix it could cost more. To be honest there was frustration about how difficult overall rorting in this area was to remedy,’ she told the publication.

MPs are lobbying for Centrelink to investigate the claims and put an end to “political correctness” in favour of stamping out unlawful relationships funded by taxpayers.


She said an overhaul would mean women currently claiming spousal pensions might otherwise be eligible to claim the single parent pension, at a higher cost to taxpayers.

“It’s not the role of government to police people’s bedrooms unless they are breaking the law but nor can it, through policy or indifference, sanction polygamous marriages.”

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