Friday, November 4, 2016

NY elementary school calls off mock election because students were chanting “Trump” and “We don’t want Muslims here”

Jericho Elementary School in Centereach, New York, announced it had scrapped the mock vote that was due to take place this Friday after some young students started chanting “Trump” and repeated ‘negative rhetoric about Muslims.’ 


ABC News (h/t Susan K) Principal Glen Rogers revealed the decision was made after teachers complained about what some children had been chanting around the school and in the cafeteria. Teachers have said they’ve heard some kids in the cafeteria chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” or saying they don’t want Muslims here,’ Roger said.

‘I mean, kids often repeat what they hear on the TV or the news, but it doesn’t mean it’s OK. (In other words, you don’t think the First Amendment is OK) “We have a diverse community here. We want all our students to feel valued.” (So we don’t become the target of an Islamic terrorist attack?)

‘It’s important for our students to be able to express their opinions, but it’s also important for them to be informed about it and not just repeating what they happen to hear,’ Rogers said. (Especially if it goes against the Democrat talking points. This IS New York, after all)

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