Friday, November 25, 2016

ITALY: Explosions at Muslim invader center in Turin, violence between locals and African Muslim illegals shuts down city

Violence erupted outside a former Olympic village accommodation in Italy where 1,300 Muslim invaders are being housed. Long-standing tensions between local residents and Muslims broke out last night when two explosions were set off just outside the migrant centre in Turin.


UK Express  The powerful explosions were strong enough to shake windows of nearby houses, according to local residents.

In the morning, a group of around 300 African Muslims blocked the main road outside of the housing block. They also smashed road signs and parked cars while other shouted at the Italian locals According to locals, Muslims told passerbys they were “Italian racists” as traffic was brought to a standstill outside the accommodation.


Footage from nearby witnesses last night captured the Muslims hurling stones and bottles at riot police. Residents also locked themselves in shops to avoid being hit by missiles.

One witness told La Stampa: “We were already in bed when there was an explosion outside these buildings. They shook the shutters and the windows. “Then a group of people ran out screaming. We were afraid, not for us adults, but for our children.”

Another local resident said: “Until yesterday we were just fed up with this situation of lawlessness. Now we really fear.”

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