Wednesday, November 2, 2016

EVOLUTION IS SATANISM!! Abortion Holocaust

If I were you I would BLOW UP MYSELF!
Your existence is totally POINTLESS.

This was my way of thinking for ten years, after the DEMONIC PUBLIC school system had POISONED my mind with 'the THEORY of evolution', which was concocted by the SATANIC JESUITS, which I know now.


It's a MONSTROSITY from the PITS of HELL and from the EVIL VATICAN and Satan himself.

Satan is a JESUIT

angela jakob
7:38 AM

It seems you do not seem to understand the difference between facts and belief. Ever heard of cognitive dissonance, just google it. If ask if they can explain some biblical contradictions and they 

avoid it by cursing me as some imaginary devil it seems they cannot handle the scientific facts.

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