Monday, November 28, 2016

ENVER TV ANCHOR forced to quit her job after getting death threats from accused Muslim fraudster whom she exposed

3acec0da00000578-3976682-heidi_hemmat_a_reporter_at_kdvr_fox_31_claims_to_have_quit_her_j-a-12_1480284931511A six-time Emmy award-winning reporter, Heidi Hemmat, had no choice but to quit her job at a Denver TV station after being warned of death threats allegedly from a crooked Muslim businessman, Muhammed Murib, whose fraudulent activities she had uncovered for a story broadcast on KDVR Fox31 TV.

UK Daily Mail  Heidi Hemmat, an investigative reporter at KDVR Fox 31, penned a post on her website on Thursday confirming details of her departure from the news station saying she felt her life was in danger because of threats from Muslim store owner Muhammed Murib.

Muhammed Murib
Muhammed Murib

Hemmat, who has won six Emmy awards, claims to have received ‘downright terrifying’ threats from the Muslim store owner she had investigated at length in 2015 over his alleged dumping of customers’ receipts and documents top defraud the IRS. 

During a four-part investigative story for KDVR, Hemmat literally went dumpster diving to retrieve some of the receipts the owner had allegedly thrown away.


‘We’re looking at all the receipts you threw away,’ she told the business owner when he confronted her and threatened to call the sheriff.  ‘You probably should. They asked you not to throw these receipts away,’ she hit back.

Hemmat’s story also covered that the business owner was accused of fraud. ‘I worked very hard to expose this guy – and in the end, I paid a very high price.  I’m still very scared of him,’ Hemmat wrote on her website. 

Murib confronts Heidi in the dumster while she is digging out his tossed out customer receipts
Murib confronts Heidi in the dumpster while she is digging out his discarded customer receipts

‘Shortly after he learned about the charges against him, that were a direct result of me, I got a call from his psychiatrist. ‘She told me he was ‘homicidal’ and was planning to kill me. The psychiatrist thought the threat was so credible, she broke HPPA laws (the laws that protect medical records of psychos) to warn me.’ 

The mother of two said her employer KDVR initially paid for undercover Denver police officers to be stationed at her home but then expressed concern over how much it was costing and removed the personal security.


According to her news report, the man was Muhammed Murib and he was eventually ordered to close his AAAA TV Electronics Repair and Vacuum business. (Why wasn’t he arrested for making threats on her life?)

Hemmat alleges her employer expected her to cover the ongoing consumer fraud case against Murib over the following six months despite the reporter ‘fearing for life’. My physical and mental health were unraveling,’ she wrote.

She said she applied for an unpaid leave of absence when the ratings period ended and in August asked to be let out of her contract. Hemmat wrote that her boss sent around a note saying ‘Heidi is no longer an employee of FOX 31’ – and failed to acknowledge her 15 years of employment and the six Emmy awards she had won. 

Hemmat will now be spending more time with her family
Hemmat will now be spending more time with her family

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