Sunday, November 27, 2016

BULGARIAN Prime Minister says “Send them back!” Orders mass deportations of violent Muslim invaders posing as refugees

1480089826_maxresdefault-388x220FURIOUS Bulgarian Prime Minister orders mass deportations of Afghan Muslim thugs after they trashed and set fire to their holding camp. Those who are not sent back to the Middle East will be dispersed to migrant camps across the country in a bid to prevent them from organizing another violent uprising

UK Express (h/t Terry D)  Bulgaria’s furious prime minister ordered officials to begin the mass deportation of hundreds of migrants who went on the rampage and trashed their camp.  Fuming Boiko Borisov vowed all migrants involved in the violent disturbance will be “brought to justice” with many being deported back to their home countries. 


Riot police had to storm the camp yesterday using water cannon and rubber bullets to restore order at the camp on the border with Turkey, with 24 officers being injured in the operation. 

.  Mr Borisov raged: “I am very worried. You see there is no window left unbroken. The people who committed these acts of vandalism will be brought to justice. 

“Based on an agreement between the European Union and Afghanistan we have asked for a plane to start extraditing people there in early December. As for the rest, all who have acted brutally and violated public order will be moved to closed camps.” 


More than 400 asylum seekers had been confined in a part of the camp after rumours rippled through a nearby town that many of them had a serious and highly contagious skin condition. It is home to around 3,000 migrants overall, making it the largest in Bulgaria. 

Residents in nearby Harmanli have upped their calls for the camp to be permanently closed, claiming that migrants regularly venture into the town and steal from them. Local Rusi Stoev said: “This camp should be closed. You should see what it’s like here at weekends. They go around in big groups and take fruit and vegetables at the market without paying.” 

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