Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Afghanistan Refuses to Take Back Citizens from Sweden…

FOREIGN. Afghanistan's parliament has voted down a contract that was to receive Afghan nationals who have been expelled from Sweden, reports 

Thousands of Afghans, many so-called unaccompanied refugee children, have remained in Sweden even though they have had their asylum application or sentenced to deportation for example, rough sex crimes. They have not been sent home because there has not been a functioning repatriation agreement between Afghanistan and Sweden recently.

And a new planned agreements negotiated between countries stopped now by the Afghan parliament.
Minister for Justice and Minister for Migration and Morgan Johansson (S) however says that Sweden will still be able to send home migrants using the agreement that Afghanistan recently signed with the EU.

- We seek connection with the Afghan government now to sort out the issue.But even if we could implement our bilateral agreements we can still apply the agreement between the EU and Afghanistan. The agreement gives us the opportunity to implement returns to the bilateral agreement would give us, he says to SR.

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