Sunday, October 9, 2016

SYRIAN MUSLIM MIGRANT violent behavior spreading across Canadian schools

Rebel Media is reporting on 60 pages of documents received from the Calgary Board of Education. Below are just a few examples from the CBE FOI Refugee Student Problems

The Rebel Media (h/t Dave S)

“During soccer today (one of the Syrian Muslim migrants) got upset at a student. He picked up a rock and threw it at the student who ducked, and another student was hit in the face.”

“The Muslim students shout In Arabic and go at them fists pounding. Students have to be physically separated and (the Syrian Muslim student in question) stays in a heightened angered state for well over an hour after each incident and needs to be monitored closely.”

“(The  Syrian Muslim students) were supposed to be in Foods class during period 2 today… instead they were wandering the hallways for 10 minutes…  Once they were redirected to Foods class, they were sent back because they spent another 15 minutes doing absolutely nothing, refusing to participate. (…) They said ‘this Is women’s work, not for men.’ This is ongoing behavior that interrupts the daily activities in our classes.”



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