Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sorry, CAIR, ‘American Sharia’ is not a “new” groundbreaking film about Islamophobia…it was released nearly two years ago and was a big box office flop

Nobody went to see ‘American Sharia’ when it played in movie theaters back in early 2015, so the producers have resorted to showing this so-called ‘comedy’ about barbaric sharia law, starring Eric Roberts, at the only place it could get an audience, a ‘non-paying audience’ at a college campus.

WREG A (not so) new comedy film not only aims to make audiences laugh, but also make them think and hopefully, change a few hearts in the process. Thousands Hundreds around the world have already seen “American Sharia”.

Now it’s being shown in Memphis and is presented by the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated ‘Muslim Student Association’ at the University of Memphis and Christian Brothers University.

‘American Sharia’ Official Movie Trailer from Jan. 24, 2015

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