Sunday, October 9, 2016

NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM? Muslim suspected of tagging multiple Air France planes with “Allahu Akbar” flees to Yemen

d8d00b5ea8022afd8bdd0ad34aeee665f2245d5a_hqFrom the ‘NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM’ file: Air France officials are denying media reports that claim radicalized Muslim airline staff were trying to sabotage the planes and had scrawled “Allahu Akbar” on the fuel caps of dozens of aircraft. One pilot is refusing to fly a plane with the markings.

The Local  Muslim Saboteurs have attempted to inhibit pilots’ ability to monitor aircraft engines, and tried to disable emergency exit slides, according to media reports. 

One suspect, a French convert to Islam whose wife runs a Koranic school near Orly airport, fled to Yemen when he realized he was under surveillance. Two other employees of the airline are suspected of having tampered several evacuation slides in their maintenance shop.


French intelligence sources told the Canard Enchaîné weekly newspaper that they are “confronted with a strategy of infiltration” by radical Islamists at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Air France and the intelligence services are on high alert after the multiplication of incidents that could reveal the presence of many radicalized agents in the company.

Air France alerted authorities after 40 kerosene filling hatches were tagged “Allahu akbar.” Other anomalies were identified in recent months: several pilot detected a recurrent failure on the relay motor that controls the engines from the cockpit. 

After investigation, an Air France agent was identified as a suspect. He quickly left the country and was spotted in Yemen reports the newspaper. Two other employees of the airline are suspected of having tampered several evacuation slides in their maintenance shop. The most worrying were claims that radicalized staff had interfered with communication between the cockpit and the engines on several aircraft.


And the paper also claimed that around 40 planes were daubed with the words “Allahu Akbar”, which means “Our God is Greater” in Arabic, on their fuel caps.  The discovery of one of these tags led to one pilot refusing to take off, the paper claimed.

The newspaper also alleged that a Muslim member of ground staff refused to help guide a plane on the tarmac because the pilot was a woman. The reports were picked up by several other French news sites, but prompted Air France to dismiss the story as “false information” and “unfounded rumors.”


Air France sources told L’Express newspaper that the “Allahu Akbar” tags were written on to the aircraft during stopovers in North African countries and not Paris.

A source at the airline also told L’Express there had been no major incident, only “marginal incidents linked to behavioral problems.” (DING DING DING! Here comes the mental issues defense) 

The question of security among Air France workers and Paris airport staff is however not new. Following the November terror attacks in Paris some 73 security badges were withdrawn from staff deemed to be a danger,

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