Monday, October 24, 2016

Karachi youth pour out their heart to Jesus

Karachi youth pour out their heart to Jesus.

Uroosa Willson described it as a “really blessed conference.” It was indeed as a large number of youth participated in the conference in Karachi where Pastor Nabeel Riaz from Lahore preached from the Bible. During the “Cornerstone Youth Conference Karachi 2016” he spoke on “Cry of the father” and a large number of youth drew closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. The conference was organised by Cornerstone Youth and Hosanna the Band, at YMCA Tennis Court, Aiwane-e-Saddar Road, Karachi on September 16. Jamshaid Jerome, was the national coordinator and the local coordinator was Jeddoun Francis. The hundreds of youth who attended the conference praised and glorified the name of Jesus.

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