Saturday, July 23, 2016


Habari zimeingiza hivi punde zinasema kuwa Ukristo unakua kwa kasi nchini Iraq.
Mavuno ni makubwa na teundelee kuwaombea ndugu zetu.
Baghdad believers glorify Jesus
With unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ, the savior, the congregation of a church in Iraq worships the Lord with gratitude and love. At the Alliance Church (Iraq, Baghdad), the church members who know Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, lift up their voices and hearts and glorify the name of the Lord in the church. There may be trouble in Iraq. There could be unrest all around. There is violence in the country. However, despite whatever is going on around them, the church meets regularly to praise the name of Jesus and listen to the word of God that is preached. It may be mentioned here that Christians are under attack in Iraq and face persecution. Many have had to lay down their lives for their faith. The believers in the Alliance Church have no fear of anyone or anything because they have set their sights on God. They believe in the Bible, the word of God, and stick to Jesus, no matter what.

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