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Je, Yesu anawezaje kuwa Mungu na mwanadamu kwa wakati mmoja?

Ni nini maana ya muungano wa kimwili na Uungu?

Hili ni swali linalo ulizwa mara nyingi sana, ni kivipi Mungu awe binadamu na au Kivipi Mungu awe na nafsi mbili, "TWO NATURES" God and Man?

Muungano wa Uungu na mwili ni neno linalotumika kuelezea jinsi Mungu Mwana, Yesu Kristo, alichukua asili ya mwanadamu, lakini alibakia kikamilifu Mungu kwa wakati mmoja. Kila mara Yesu alikuwa Mungu (Yohana 8:58,10:30), lakini katika utatu Yesu akawa binadamu (Yohana 1:14). Ile hali ya kuongezea hali asili ya mwanadamu kwa asili ya Uungu wa Yesu, Mungu-mwanadamu. Huu ndio muungano wa Uungu na kimwili. Muungano wa Uungu na mwili Yesu Kristo, mtu mmoja, Mungu kamili na mwanadamu kamili.

Asili mbili za Yesu, ubinadamu na Uungu, ni namna isiyoweza kutenganishwa. Yesu milele atabaki kuwa Mungu-mwanadamu, Mungu kamili na binadamu, asili mbili tofauti katika mtu mmoja. Ubinadamu wa Yesu na utukufu wake aucha changanyika, lakini umeunganishwa pamoja bila kupoteza utambulisho tofauti. Wakati mwingine Y…

Evolution Demolition


Where Do The Spirits Of Believers Go At Death?INTRODUCTION 1. Having determined from the Scriptures that man possesses a soul or spirit which continues after death, the question now before us is this: "Where do the spirits of believers go at death?" 2. In this lesson, I will be examining two different views: a. One that I will call the "traditional" view, which is held by many Christians b. Another that I will propose as the "scriptural" view, which I believe is more in harmony with what is revealed in the New Testament -- PLEASE NOTE: The use of the terms "traditional" and "scriptural" is rather arbitrary, used only to distinguish between the two views [Beginning, then, with...] I. THE "TRADITIONAL" VIEW EXPLAINEDA. STATED BRIEFLY, THIS VIEW TEACHES THE FOLLOWING... 1. When we die... a. Our body return to the dust b. Our spirits go…


Yesu huku akitumia mfano wa self centered ungodly rich man (in Luke 16). The Rich man died, na Biblia inatuambia kuwa alipokuwa Hell yule mtu alifanya haya “and in hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torments” (Luke 16:23). Hili neno na au Jina “hell” is “Hades,” ambalo limetumika mara nyingi katika Agano Jipya likielezea wapi watakuwa na au enda watu ambao hawakumpokea Yesu immediately upon death.
Sasa basi, Neno la Kigiriki linalo maanisha “hell” as a final destiny/kama sehemu ya MWISHO ya Binadamu ni tofauti kabisa, nikimaanisha kuwa, hapa walipo huyu Rich Man was not a final destiny. Nitakuonyesha hapa wapi ni sehemu ya mwisho ya hawa ambao hawakumpokea Yesu. Biblia inatumabia kuwa Jehannam ndio itakuwa Sehemu ya Mwisho ya Watenda dhambi ambayo Yesu alitumia hili jina ambalo ilikuwa ni sehemu halisi wakati ule iliyo julikana kama “gehenna” iliyopo katika Valley of Hinnom, sehemu ambayo walikuwa wanatupa takataka na kuzichoma pale kusini mwa Jerusalemu. Hii sehemu ilikuwa sehemu am…

Nini Maana ya "PNEUMA"?

Wiki hii nimeulizwa mara kadhaa na watumishi wa Mungu, kuhusu hili neno "Pneuma" NA NINI HASA LINA MAANISHA?

Sasa nitatumia Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible kujibu swali la "Pneuma" ambalo limeulizwa mara kadhaa hapa. 

Pneuma is a consolidation of two words "Pneo + ma = Pneuma.
Maana ya neno "Pneo" aka "pnyoo" = 4154 and 4157 means breeze or respiration which can mean breath or wind. 
Maana ya neno "Mah" is an expressive of Master which means one who has control of a person, or Master. Hii ipo kwenye STRONG Number 2962. 

Now the complete word "Pneuma=4151" or "Pneumatikos=4153"
Sasa nitaanza na Number 4153 which is the adverb of 4152 ikimaanisha (1) non physical i.e divinely, figuratively:- spiritually.

Sasa ukiangalia number 4152 which comes after 4151 inamaanisha (1) non-carnal i.e (humanly) ethereal (as opposed to gross) or (demonically) a spirit(concr) or (divinely) supernatural, regenerate, religious :- spirit…


Biblia inatuambia kuwa wale ambao walifua "those who are saved" (11 Peter 1:18-19), will at death go to be with Christ in Paradise. Ngoja nikuonyeshe wapi ni Paradiso.

Yesu anasema kuwa watu ambao watakufa, wataenda Paradiso ambayo ni sehemu ya kwanza kabla ya kwenda kwenye permanent place. PALE MSALABANI, Yesu alimwambia yule Mwizi kuwa "LEO HII UTAKUWA NAMI PARADISO" haya yameandikwa katika Luka 23:43. Wale walio kufa katika Kristo, wataingia hii sehemu ambayo ndio waiting area wakisubiri kupewa final reward-and the future life in Heaven/New Earth as fully exhibited in the Bible.

Katika Agano jipya, Paradiso imesemwa mara nyingi. Mfano, Mtume Paulo was “caught up into Paradise” (2 Wakorintho 12:4). Bwana wetu Yesu anasema hivi, those who overcome shall “eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God” (Ufunuo 2:7).

Biblia inaendelea kutunua kuwa Yesu alipo kufa Msalabani alienda kwanza "Hades before He went back to the Father" na al…

The Nature of man: Body, Spirit & Soul

I. Two different views of man's nature:A. Carnalist/apostate view: Man is a monochotomous (single natured) being:"carnalist" groups all hold this view: Jw's, Adventists, Plain Truth/Armstrong, ChristadelphiansCarnalists are merely modern day Sadducees: Acts 23:6-9 notice that in regard to the three items mentioned, Paul sided with the Pharisees against the Sadducees.They teach man is composed wholly of matter and cannot exist or function apart from the bodyThey define spirit and soul as breath, blood, energy, life force etc.Spirit is to the body, what electricity is to a light bulb, gas to a car, electrons to a computerWhen the power is turned off, the computer ceases to operate or "dies" and is no more "alive" than a stone.If a computer is smashed to pieces while it is running, its "life force" leaves it and it ceases to operate and exist as a computer. So is man when he diesThey do not believe man has any existence or consciousness af…


spirit ~ (A) ~ part of a living person, which we cannot see. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God) to all who follow him.
spirit ~ (A) ~ spirits are alive, but we cannot see them. There are good spirits usually called angels . Bad spirits (also called evil spirits, or demons) live in the air round us. Satan is their leader.
Spirit ~ (A) ~ the Holy Spirit.
spirit ~ (A) ~ the part of a person that is alive, that we cannot see. Our spirit can speak to God and God can speak to our spirit .
spirit ~ (A) ~ the part of a person that is alive, which we cannot see; there are spirits that we cannot see; they can be good or bad; God's Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to send to all who know him as the Son of God; nobody sees the Holy Spirit but he joins with the spirit of those who know Jesus; the Holy Sprit helps a person to follow Jesus and to do good things.
spirit ~ (A) ~ the part of us that lives when our body dies; a being that is always alive, even without a body; the part of a pe…

Similarities between Non-theists and Muhammadans

Similarities between Non-theists and Muhammadans
EXHIBIT 1 Both Non-theists and Muhammadans deny the existence of God. Islam: Allah: There is NO God but Allah, …… Non theists: Darwinites: God does not exist,……
As you can see, both non-theists and Muslims deny the existence of God.

EXHIBIT 2 Both Non-theists and Muhammadans support evolutions: Islam: Allah will change all Jews into Apes and Pigs……. Non theists: Man evolved from Monkeys, …..
As you can see, both non-theists and Muhammadans dogma fallacies say humans are related to Primates.
EXHIBIT 3 Both Non-theists and Muhammadans hate Black Africans. Islam: Prophet Muhammad said Black Africans looks like Satan…. Non theists: Black Africans are savages and less intelligent beings and should be eliminated.
As you can see, both non-theists and Muslims are racial profiling Black Africans.
EXHIBIT 4 Both Non-theists and Muhammadans hate Christians. Islam: Allah: Do not make friendship with Christians and …. Non theists: Kill all Christians who belie…

What will happen to those who die without hearing anything of Christ Jesus?

The Holy Bible makes it conspicuous and crystal clear that while there are might be people in the world who may not have heard of Christ Jesus, simultaneously, none of them can plead ignorance of God their Creator. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork” (Psalm 19:1, KJV). “Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made” (Romans 1:20) Wherefore, the order, regularity and natural laws of the universe are the permanent veracity and impeccable airtight testimony of the Invisible God, the Creator of all things, of which all people are instinctively aware. As a consequence, we find among the most ignorant peoples on the earth a desire to worship God, even though it may be in a perverted form. The Holy Scriptures declared that there is life after death and future judgment upon all living souls, in the same token, the infallible teaching tells us t…