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Muhammad practiced witchcraft

According to Muhammad’s own definition of witchcraft, Muhammad was himself guilty of practicing that demonic art.  Muhammad defines witchcraft as follows:

Qur’an 113.003 “From the mischievous evil of Darkness as it becomes
intensely dark, and from the mischief of those who practice the evil of malignant witchcraft and blowing on knots, and from the mischievous evil of the envier when he covets.”

And the Hadith records that Muhammad did these very things:

Bukhari:V7B71N643 “I heard the Prophet saying, ‘If anyone sees something he
dislikes, he should blow three times on his left side and its evil will not harm him.’”
Bukhari:V6B61N535“Whenever the Prophet became ill he used to blow his breath over his body
hoping for its blessing.” Bukhari:V6B61N536“When the Prophet went to bed he would cup his
hands together and blow over them reciting surahs. He would then rub his hands over
whatever parts of his body he could reach, starting with his head, face and frontal areas.”

Exactly why Muhammad thinks h…

Prayer for Peace and Justice in Tanzania

Our Omnipotent God, in whom the whole Adamic family of earth is one, breathe your Spirit of Truth into our hearts that we may establish a community of fellowship, trust, peace, and justice in Tanzania. Our Holy God, illumine the diabolic darkness of our minds that we may see your Light, comprehend the sanctity of our creation, think your thoughts, and serve your glory by advancing the greater good of all Tanzanians; through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Holy Spirit, O God, in Jesus Precious Name, reform the passions and designs of our hearts. Let your steady precious hands guide the people of Tanzania, and bring forth out of our discord a concinnity and harmony more perfect than we can envision and conceive –a new love, –a new understanding, a new humility, a new purity and sincerity, a new sense of truth, and a new hunger and thirst for your love to rule the Country.

Dear Precious Lord Jesus, Grant that our President, Elected Leaders, and Political leaders may approach every situat…


The Bible Series - Paul Part 1 full movie - Film Saulus deel 1

Jesus is Allah according to the Koran

This is a very important issue and everybody should know this fact. I studied the Koran and the Hadith and I will discuss this subject according to the Koran and the Holy Bible and we will find the truth that “Jesus is Allah according to the Koran.”

Muslims always love to ask question but sorry to say they don’t want to listen your answer. Muslims always think they are right and you are wrong! (Which is false). Therefore if you don’t have good idea about the Koran and the Holy Bible and any Muslim asks any question to you then I am sure it will strike like a hammer to your faith! One very minor question Muslims always asks, “Where Jesus said He is God?” I am sure so many of you heard this question.

Now I will show the Muslims in a very special way how we can prove them that Jesus said, ‘I am the God’ from their book and our book in the same time.

The God of Islam ‘Allah’ has 99 names. Each name of those are equal to other one. Which means there is no difference between the name of Allah …