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Lord, we humbly come before You, acknowledging Your glory

Lord, we humbly come before You, acknowledging Your glory; You are worthy to be praised, You alone are worthy to receive honor, glory and praise. There is no one else like, Lord God, who can stand against You? Who is able to stand before You and not tremble at Your sight? 

Our hearts tremble with the Fear of the Lord, as we draw closer to You. You all powerful, all know; You alone are God, there is none above You, or beside You. Lord God, we cry out from the depths of our hearts for the Fire of God to rain down and consume our entire beings, in Jesus Name. 

Lord, burn away everything that is not of You and remove it far from us, in Jesus Name. Release the Fire of Your holiness to purify our hearts and minds, in Jesus Name. 

Lord, we are thirsty and hungry for a mighty move of God, for the heavens to open up and send Your former and latter rains upon this barren land. We are not just asking for a revival; but, we are calling out for a revolution to uprise within every heart an…

Kathryn Kuhlmun Dry Land, Living Water, 1975 Las Vegas


Bibles for America--Free Bibles and free Christian books

One of the best ways to go through the Bible is to read it consistently and consecutively. What better time to establish this healthy habit than at the beginning of this new year? Whether you’re already off to a good start or need some help staying on track, we offer a number of free tools that can complement your Bible reading.